page 109
  1. Describe two ways to combine one image with another. Copy and Paste: Select the content from your source document and choose Edit > Copy. Then select your destination document and choose Edit > Paste to paste the artwork into it. Drag and Drop: Make sure both your source and destination documents are visible. With the Move tool selected, click and drag the image from the source file to the destination file. 
  2. What is created in the destination image when you cut and paste or drag and drop another image file into it? When you cut and paste, or drag and drop, one image into another, a new layer containing the image data is created in the destination file.
  3. What are the best formats (for print) in which to save a file that contains text or other vector objects? If your file contains text or vector objects, it is best to save the file in one of these three formats: Photoshop (PSD), Photoshop (EPS), or Photoshop (PDF).

page 146

  1. Which selection tool is best used when an image has areas of similar color?The Magic Wand is a good tool to use when you have areas of an image with similar colors. The Magic Wand tool selects similar colors based on the Tolerance setting in the Options bar.
  2. Which key should you hold down when adding to a selection?Hold down the Shift key to add to a selection. This works with any of the selection tools.
  3. What can you do to select the image data inside a path?To select the pixels inside of a path, you can activate the path by Ctrl+clicking (Windows) or Command+clicking (Mac OS) on the path in the Paths panel or by clicking the Load Path as Selection button at the bottom of the Paths panel.
  4. Which dialog box allows you to edit your selection using different masking options?The Refine Selection dialog box allows you to select the best masking technique & to preview edge selection changes that you are making.
  5. When does Refine Edge appear in the Options bar?Refine Edge will only appear in the Options bar when a Selection tool is active.

page 186

  1. If you have an image in the grayscale mode and you want to colorize it, what must you do first?In order to use color, you must choose a color mode that supports color, such as RGB or CMYK. You can change the color mode by selecting the Image > Mode menu.
  2. What blending mode preserves the underlying grayscale of an image and applies a hue of the selected color? Hint: it is typically used for tinting images.The Color blending mode is used for tinting images.
  3. What is the main difference between the way the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush replace information in an image?The Clone Stamp makes an exact copy of the sampled area, whereas the Healing Brush makes a copy of the sampled area and matches the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled pixels.
  4. How many clone sources can be set in the Clone Source panel?You can set up to fi ve clone sources in the Clone Source panel.

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