For my Final Project, I’ll be doing a book cover.

I want it to be a book cover based on this Chinese-Korean boy band that I’ve been obsessed with lately. They go by the name of EXO (pronounced like X.O. the E is silent) & they have this backstory concept that there aliens of an exoplanet (hence their name) or a planet outside their solo system. Each of them also have their own super power. Image

To get a better idea I feel I should share their debut teasers.

I have a huge fascination with the animation of the intro of their music video MaMa. Before you watch the video, let me explain a few things. The reason why they’re two different versions is because they comprise 12 members separated into 2 subgroups (so their actually 2 boy bands in 1) They’re split into EXO-K (K is for Korean) and EXO-M (M for Mandarin). Also MaMa in Korean is “your highness” It was how they address queens or empresses back when they had them. I couldn’t decide whether to show you the Mandarin of Korean version so here’s both with subtitles.

So back to my project I want it to be like the animation intro which has a really pretty fantasy/sci-fi pop-up storybook going on.

EXO Mama  Intro Animation

Although it looks very difficult. Perhaps I could create something like Two Moons (based on 1 of their songs) or an eclipse because you see them watching an eclipse in their teasers. url

Oh & I also want it to be old & vintage-looking like the Barnes & Noble classics.


I thought covers like these were a good idea too. I like the branches & leaves on the borders, I’ll probably do something like that to represent the tree of life from the MaMa video.  This book trilogy is known as The Wolves of Mercy Falls. I read these when I was a teenager. It’s kinda one of those Twilight rip-offs. Yes I was one of those teenagers don’t judge me it was a phase. Only there’s no vampires just werewolves and these particular werewolves don’t transform during a full moon or whenever they want to. They transform when the season turns cold (autumn/winter) and are human again in the spring/summer.

In their second album, EXO actually did have a werewolf concept. This was a drama music video that they did a while ago. I may add a wolf somewhere on the cover. On 3:19 the girl says something like “You, who are you? What are you?”


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