More Brainstorming on my Book Cover

I want the title of this fake book cover to be Two Moons like one of EXO’s songs from their first mini album. I want the idea that the story of this “novel” takes place in a planet (much like Earth) but with two moons. So imagine seeing two moons in the night sky instead of just one. I have this other idea of this planet also having rings like Saturn but I’ll get back to that.


I said earlier that I want the cover to look like a vintage old victorian book like this












I noticed that most vintage covers have borders with detailed patterns like this













I want a tree on the edges of the left side representing the tree of life from the MaMa music video but I’m having trouble working on that. I want the cover to be old looking because I was inspired by one of their debut teasers.

I’m also trying to decide what the rest of the book to look like. I was think of a landscape with two moons in the sky or on the center an earth-like planet with a ring around it because I found this on Tumblr once & thought it was neat.



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